Vestigium Services were requested to pilot some of its work for "AmCo Investments". Vestigium were able to provide more results, more accurate results, and less erroneous results than others.

Following the success of this work, Vestigium were provided with circa 10,000 records - Vestigium found over 45% at first review.

For circa 30% of those found Vestigium found the individual to be deceased. Vestigium were then asked to provide its Executor and Next of Kin tracing services for those records. AmCo were also aware that there were ‘known deceased’ records on their book which would benefit from this service. In total Vestigium implemented its Executor and Next of Kin tracing Service for circa 6000. For all these cases, Vestigium confirmed the deaths and researched whether the customers had probate available to them. For all those cases
where the customers had probate, Vestigium purchased probate on AmCo’s behalf and traced the Executors. Vestigium were able to provide addresses for living Executors in over 85% of the cases.

For those customers who did not have probate granted to them, Vestigium used its expertise to locate a nearest available next of kin who Amco could write out to. In over 50% of the cases Vestigium were able to provide a current address for a living next of kin.
As more individuals leave probate than do not, in total Vestigium were able to provide a living individual at a current address in around 75% of all the above cases.

Following Vestigium’s success on the above services, AmCo requested assistance with their book of customers who were not deemed gone away, but at risk of their circumstances changing. Vestigium provided its Living as Stated check and subsequent analysis which highlighted risks AmCo faced from its book of ‘good data’ and provided rectification, via forensic research, for those cases which required it.

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